Make a donation to the Wes Leonard Heart Foundation.


Donate money to the Wes Leonard Heart Foundation, a non-profit 503c organization. Your money will go towards efforts in pursuit of the following goals:

Lobby for legislation to mandate:
· All public and private schools have an adequate amount of Automated Electronic Defibrillators on site and are properly maintained.
· All school staff members including coaches and coaches assistants to be CPR and first aid certified and stay current within American Heart Association and American Red Cross standards.
· All schools have a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan that includes treating athletes, students, faculty and spectators on any school grounds during scheduled functions.
· All schools participate in regular drills to ensure proper procedures are carried out in emergency situations.
· All schools be required to use a comprehensive standard physical form to be filled out by qualified physicians and parents.

Raise money for research to:
· To help in the pursuit of a widely accepted cardiology screening that is reliable and accurate.
· To help fund research of a process or technology to advance the screening capabilities.
· To fund research in the field of cardiology to help reduce the number of lives lost every year to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the biggest killer in the U.S.